if you’re reading this you’re probably wondering who I am, then sit back and listen to my story.

First I want to introduce myself my name is Mauro Augusto Galvão Ferreira (but you can call me Augusto Galvão),

since I can remember I design characters and create stories, I could spend days drawing comics, my childhood dream was to become a mangaka.

Unfortunately decided that my dream was impossible, and I went to college, I majored in Advertising at the University of Marilia and started working as a graphic design.

I ending up metting 3D, so I began to study modeling, texturing, zbrush, maya,

blender basically all tutorials I encountered along the way.

I was fortunate enough to get a job as a modeler in an animated series for TV (This is very difficult in Brazil) and it there i could develop my skills.

The best part that working in television series, I found that it is not impossible to make a film or series based on my ideas, so I’m studying to accomplish this.

Not exactly my dream of childhood, but is similar.

In fact the more important it is that it’s fun.